Hey Guys, just a couple things that we should have before we ride:

  • No alcoholic or illegal substances during or before a trail ride
  • Always remain on designated trails
  • Seat belts for all occupants while vehicle is in motion
  • Approved child safety seat for children under 5 yrs old
  • Driver/Co-pilot stays in vehicle when in need of assistance
  • Make sure Jeep behind you is always in rear view mirror
  • If you smoke, cigarette butts disposed of in ash tray



These are MUST HAVES:
-Snatch rope
-CB Radio Channel 5 or 7 always
Medic Kit
-Tow rings
-Tow points FRONT or REAR
-Trash bags (wherever we go we have, to leave it cleaner than how we found it and do not throw any trash out, keep it inside the vehicle)
These are some of the stuff you need but are not that require:
-Drinks (non-alcoholic) and cooler
-Spare tire
-Extra axel
-Extra u-joints
-Extra axel end
-Air compressor (if lowering your own tire)
Friendly Help:
-If someone is pulling someone else w/ their snatch rope and it breaks, the person (the driver stuck) must replace the other guys snatch rope, unless it is his own.
-If someone in the group helps you out by towing you home or somewhere else you should help out w/ some gas money.
-If we are wheeling, never leave a man behind and if you don’t see him through your mirror stop and call for the leader of the trail for assistance.

Be safe and have fun!!
If you would like to add something else, email me!